Are Young Chang Pianos Any Good? (Answered!)

Without a doubt, Young Chang pianos can be regarded as quality instruments. Particularly their mid-range to high-end models are the best. They are known for producing a warm, rich tone. Their pianos are generally well-crafted and offer excellent playability. However, as with any piano, the quality can vary depending on the model.

In this article, let us thoroughly examine Young Chang pianos. We will also evaluate their overall sound quality, construction, and value for money. To analyze Young Chang pianos comprehensively, you’ll also understand various factors, such as the company’s heritage, prestige, and customer feedback. 

How Is The Quality of Young Chang Pianos? 

The brand’s commitment to quality extends beyond its production process, with rigorous quality control measures implemented during manufacturing. From the selection of premium components to the final assembly, Young Chang’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every instrument is crafted to the highest quality standards. 

The brand also features an array of grand and upright pianos, namely Albert Weber and Weber. The Albert Weber line, distinguished by premium components, stands out as the pinnacle of this collection. 

Notably, the ‘AW’ pianos continue to be fashioned by hand at the South Korean factory, reflecting an unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail.

What Are Factors To Consider Before Buying Young Chang Pianos?

Before investing in a Young Chang piano, there are several factors you must look into to get your specific needs fulfilled. Here are a few primary things to keep in mind:

1. Purpose

The intended use of the piano is an essential factor to consider when choosing a Young Chang piano. A high-end model like the Albert Weber line may be more suitable if you are a professional pianist. At the same time, a student or beginner may benefit from a more affordable option like the Weber or Young Chang lines.

2. Size

The size of the piano is also an important consideration, with grand pianos being the larger option and upright pianos being more compact. Grand pianos offer a richer sound and more dynamic range. On the other hand, upright pianos are more practical for those with limited space or budget.

3. Budget

Speaking of budget, it’s important to determine how much you are willing to spend on a Young Chang piano. The brand offers pianos at a range of price points, with the premium Albert Weber line being the most expensive. Also, the Weber and Young Chang lines are provided with more affordable options.

4. Quality

As mentioned earlier, Young Chang pianos are renowned for their exceptional quality. However, it’s still essential to examine the instrument’s quality to ensure that it meets your expectations. Pay attention to factors like tone, touch, and overall piano construction, as these can greatly impact your playing experience.

5. Brand Reputation

It’s always a good idea to research the brand’s reputation before making a purchase. Young Chang has been in the piano industry for over five decades, with a long-standing reputation for excellence in innovation. Checking customer reviews and seeking recommendations from professionals in the industry can help you make better decisions.

Is Young Chang Pianos Better Than Yamaha? 

Young Chang and Yamaha are both renowned piano manufacturers known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high value, and top-quality pianos. Although Young Chang entered the piano market relatively late, they quickly caught up with their competitors and produced top-notch pianos that catered to a broad range of customers.

Young Chang primarily produces entry-level to intermediate pianos that cater to beginner and intermediate pianists. On the other hand, Yamaha offers a wide range of pianos, catering to the entire spectrum of piano enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced and professional concert pianists.

Despite being from Asia, both Young Chang and Yamaha have established themselves as world-class piano manufacturers. They prioritize quality over quantity and have built a reputation for producing pianos that are not only visually stunning but also deliver a rich and resonant sound that captivates listeners.

What Are The Specifications Of Young Chang Pianos

The Young Chang Model Y-131 piano boasts a height of 51.7 inches or 131cm, making it an impressive instrument. With 88 keys, it offers a wide range of notes for pianists to experiment with. The keys themselves are made of basswood with maple buttons. 

It features an acrylic resin surface for white keys and a satin phenolic resin surface for black keys. This combination of materials gives the piano a sleek and elegant appearance.

The pinblock material is constructed from 17-ply hard maple, ensuring durability and stability. It maintains the instrument’s tuning. The hammer molding is made of maple, which produces a warm and rich sound. The pedals include a soft pedal, muffler pedal, and damper pedal, providing versatility for different playing styles.


1. Is Young Chang a quality piano?

Young Chang pianos can be of good quality depending on the instrument’s specific model, age, and condition. The brand has gained a mixed reputation in the piano industry, with some musicians and technicians praising its sound. 

2. Who makes Young Chang’s piano?

Young Chang pianos are made by the Young Chang Co. Ltd., a South Korean company founded in 1956. The company has since expanded its operations to China, where it produces some of its pianos.

3. Is Young Chang a Yamaha?

No, Young Chang is not a Yamaha. While Yamaha has owned a minority stake in Young Chang in the past, the two companies are separate entities with their own unique designs and manufacturing processes.

4. What is the highest quality piano brand?

Some of the most respected and renowned brands include Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, and Yamaha. However, the quality of a piano ultimately depends on individual experiences.

Wrapping Up 

The quality of Young Chang pianos is a topic of much debate among musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Whether or not a Young Chang piano is “good” is subjective and depends on personal preferences.

However, it is clear that potential buyers need to do their due diligence before making a purchase decision.