Best Keyboard Amps in 2023

Keyboard Amps are slightly different from guitar amps in that they cover a wider frequency and put you in control of your whole rig. But they do the same thing, and if you’re going to be performing live than getting a good keyboard amp is really important for you.

The right amp can help you get the best sounds in the studio as well, as performing alive. Amps come in all shapes and sizes, and there are loads of options so there’s something for everyone regardless of budget or purpose. Different brands, different designs all make it seem impossible to choose, but this handy guide is there to cut through the noise and find you the amp that’s best for you and your music.

It also includes a useful buyers guide at the end, and an FAQ section to make sure that you’ll have all the info you need to decide on your amp.

Best Keyboard Amps

The Best Keyboard Amps – The Top 5 Reviewed

Now let’s get down to business and review some of the best keyboard amps. Please know we only considered the highest rated keyboard amps for this list:

  1. Behringer K900FX ULTRATONE Amplifier 
  2. Roland 4 Channel Mixing Keyboard Amplifier KC-200
  3. BEHRINGER Keyboard Amplifier, Black (KXD12) 
  4. Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Amplifier 
  5. Peavey KB 1 20-Watt 1×8 Keyboard Amplifier

We used consumer reviews and our own research to compile this list. These are unbiased reviews designed to help you pick the best possible keyboard amp for your needs.

1. Behringer K900FX ULTRATONE

This amp combines all the things you need in a PA system and a keyboard amplifier in one place. The 3 channels mean you can connect up to three separate instruments at any one time, and still get separate volume controls. With 90 watts of power this is an amp that will get you heard, and you can easily plug in a microphone if playing and singing is something, you’re interested in.

The amp comes with professional-grade 12 inches woofer connected by a 1-inch twitter. These speakers are pretty powerful, and as the amp comes with a feedback detection system which automatically clears the feedback you can just enjoy playing. It is an amp that’s on another level for performance, and it’s a really great option especially for those looking to create something with other people due to its 3 channels.


  • 12-inches woofer 90w of power make this a nicely powerful little amp perfect for performing
  • 3 channels make this perfect for performing with other people, or for a singer/songwriter
  • Over 100 presets
  • A feedback protection system to really bring the focus to your music
  • Separate headphone jack for quiet solo practicing


  • The power cord is a bit short, so you might want to get an extension lead

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2. Roland 4 Channel Mixing Keyboard Amplifier KC-200

This is an amp beloved by keyboardists everywhere, Roland is known for their amps and this one is a particular favorite. it’s a 4-channel amp that gives you 100w, so it’s pretty powerful. The sound is stunning, especially in the bass, which is perfectly reproduced and can even be improved if you connected a powered subwoofer, not that you’d need to.

This is also a nice compact amp, perfect for transporting from gig to gig. If you’re looking for something that’d be easy to take on public transport or up and down stairs then this is a great amp for portability. But even though it’s lightweight, it’s a very durable piece of kit. This amp packs power and portability into a compact package. It’s a great amp for anyone who is looking to perform live, either by themselves or with others. It’s also a great amp if your low on space, and want something that’ll put you on the map when you perform, but not take up your entire living room at home.


  • Perfect bass reproduction
  • Durable, this is an amp you don’t have to worry about being bashed about from gig to gig. It’s built to last.
  • Compact and lightweight, the perfect size and heaviness for a great gigging amp that won’t take up too much room in your home
  • 100-watts of power. This amp is going to get you heard, there’s a great deal of power there, make sure you take full advantage.

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3. BEHRINGER Keyboard Amplifier, Black (KXD12)

This is a very special amp with a powerful and clean sound, 3 channels and 10-inch speakers, this is an amp that will take your performances to the next level. With 45-watts of power, this is an amp any keyboardist would be happy to have by their side.

The three channels all have their own separate volume and fx controls. Making this little beauty one of the best for connectivity and ultra tuning. If you’re a singer than you’ll be happy to know that you can easily hook up a microphone through a mic input on channel 1. But even if you do decide to hook up a mic, you can still connect three instruments making this one of the best amps for testing the boundaries of your sound. If you’re looking for the thing that’s going to move you forward as a musician and a performer than this is the way to go.

The speakers make this one of the best amps for accurate sound, with the full range of your instruments, which combined with the feedback eliminator makes this a pretty special piece of kit, especially for live performance.

There are up to 100 presets with the 24 bit onboard FX processor, so you don’t even need to buy a separate FX processor to get the very best out of your amp. This is a system that is designed for you to concentrate on your performance because you don’t need to worry about the amp.


  • 100 presets with onboard FX processor meaning you don’t need a separate FX processor
  • High-quality build, this is a durable amp designed to last
  • Amazing clear sound so your performance can be enjoyed by all
  • Feedback eliminator so you can play knowing that your audience will be getting the very best sound 
  • Powerful speakers, so you can perform knowing everyone in the venue will be able to hear you


  • On the heavy side, so a bit more of a struggle to get from gig to gig

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4. Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Amplifier

If you’re looking for something battery-powered than Roland has the perfect amp for you. This all-purpose speaker may look small, but it can run with the big boys in terms of sound. Incredibly portable this is an amp that can hand anything from electric guitars to drums, and of course keyboards.

No larger than a plane carry-on, this is the dream amp for those who are on tour or traveling for the next gig. All you have to do is charge and go, so you’re ready to play anywhere and anytime. This is a really portable speaker, that doesn’t sacrifice on sound thanks to the two high-performance speakers packed inside. You won’t have to worry that you’ve sacrificed sound for portability with this model.

You can also literally connect anything to this amp, making it one of the most versatile on this list. Anything from your mobile phone to your keyboard and everything in between, this amp has got you covered for everything. Whether you’re looking for something to take out on the road or for practicing at home, this amp can do it all.

Thanks to Roland’s FX engine you don’t even have to skip stereo reverbs. With this amp you can do anything from improving your vocals to adding a sound field, this engine can do it all. It even has the Central cancel feature so you minimize vocals on recordings so you sing along to just the music!


  • A versatile little amp with lots of connectivity options
  • Battery-powered, perfect for taking on the go and setting up anywhere you want
  • Central Cancelling feature so you can singalong to recorded music without the vocals
  • Portable and compact, perfect for taking out on the road
  • The built-in stereo effect, this little amp is the little amp that could all the way


  • Delay and reverb are one control which can take a little getting used to

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5. Peavey KB 1 20-Watt 1×8 Keyboard Amplifier

Described by some as the perfect keyboard amp this is a stunning piece of equipment that’s sure to take your performance to the next level. It may be small but you want your audience to be able to hear the music you spend your time on, and this little amp pumps 20 watts of clear sound through 8-inch speakers perfect for the keyboard. It also can be used by drum machines, electric guitars, and microphones if you want to sing as you play.

This is a very versatile piece of equipment that’s easy to use and for its size, it can really get the bass deep. It also doesn’t suffer from the background hiss you can get with amps so you can just focus on your playing. It has 4 inputs, one of which is used as a monitor which is more than enough for any musician. This is an amp that could easily become integral to anyone’s set-up. In terms of its portability, versatility, and power it’s a great little amp that could really help push your music forward.


  • Excellent build quality and durability
  • No background hiss to mess up your sound
  • 4 inputs and compatible with pretty much every kind of instrument
  • Accurately reproduces notes for the best performance
  • Can easily fill up a large church or smaller club


  • Not the best for larger gigs 

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Final Thoughts

Deciding what you want when buying your new keyboard amp can be a tricky business, and there’s no point starting to look if you don’t know what you want. Luckily, this guide is here to take you through some of the things you need to be aware of before you buy it.

First off, knowing what you’re buying is probably a good idea. For example, it’s worth knowing that the amp you buy won’t just work for keyboards but a large variety of other instruments too. They are referred to as keyboard amps because of the sonic range the amp is capable of providing. The sonic range covers bass, higher-pitched instruments, drums all sorts. The actual ‘amp’ you buy, is really a pre-amp, a horn, megaphone, and speaker all in one box. Good keyboard megaphone can reproduce the sonic range of every instrument accurately which is why it’s called a keyboard amplifier.

But really what is that makes a keyboard megaphone different from other amps? Well a keyboard megaphone is designed to sound big on stage because of the low-frequency sound output on the basslines. But the same amps can also play crisp high frequency for high notes. They promise low distortion and flat frequency and less feedback. A keyboard megaphone is also equipped with two or three inputs, so you can connect multiple instruments up at the same time, and every channel has its own preamp. A guitar amp on the other hand can only hold up one guitar at a time. So you can see why a keyboard amp is entirely different from a guitar amp.

One of the first things you need to decide is how much money you’re looking to spend. Higher-end amps might be more-high powered, and they’ll provide separate controls for equalization on each channel, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more budget-friendly amps that could give them a run for their money. You need to think about what’s important for you and prioritize to make sure the amp you buy is the best one for you. If you have an expensive keyboard then maybe it’s better for you to choose a proportionally priced amp – otherwise a cheap amp could really devalue the quality of your keyboard sound.

You need to think about the power and the size of the speaker you want. If this is your first speaker you’re not going to need more than 50-watts of power and an 8-inch speaker because you’re probably only going to be using it for practice, at least to start with. You need to analyze your needs, and look at size and power according to what you’re going to be using it for. There’s no point in forking out for something powerful when you’re never going to use it to its full ability.

If you’re going to be playing with other people then look at the number of channels you have, and the amps ability to connect up multiple instruments, and how those channels are controlled. Do they have separate controls for each channel, and is this something you need? If you’re going to stream something external then you need an AUX port. It’s worth noting here that not every amp will have these things and checking out features that the one you want has, is always a wise idea.


What is a keyboard amp?

A keyboard amp is a speaker and amp built into one box that amplifies the sound of electronic keyboard instruments. While they are called keyboard amps they’ll work with most instruments as well. Keyboard amps are widely used because they are designed to make instruments sound larger in performance, and provide low-frequency reproduction.

How much does a keyboard amp cost?

As with anything there’s a product out there that suits everyone. Keyboard amps aren’t the most expensive branch of musical equipment, but they can need to be replaced quickly especially if you choose to spend towards the lower end of the range. Pick something that’s right for you including how much you want to spend, keep in mind the features you want and you won’t go far wrong.